All Of Us Will Be Gone (Ode to Billy Name) at Gazelli Art House, London

Taking the architecture of Gazelli Art House and its environment on Dover Street as a key material, “All of Us Will Be Gone (Ode to Billy Name)" used a one-way mirror vinyl on each of the windows of the gallery to reflect the immediate surroundings and directly engage with audiences. During the day, visitors could inhabit the interior of the gallery and see the viewers looking at themselves in their reflection, and, at night, this relationship with light and space was reversed.

Evocative of an observation room used for interrogation, execution, market research and reality television, amongst other purposes, the installation deals with political issues of surveillance and public and private spaces, acknowledging the ways in which the viewer and performer have become conflated in our contemporary culture. Thus, the body is simultaneously exhibited and hidden, materialised and obliterated, and constantly changing within the work.

15 August - 30 September 2016