Pavilion of Change at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

In 2016, Wright & Vandame discovered an archival image of Milton Keynes under construction with the sign, "Changed Priorities Ahead". The image and sign communicated a message which was ambiguous and uncertain, invoking ideas of change and indeterminacy. The artists took this work as a starting point for a public sculpture for MK Gallery and the inspiration for Pavilion of Change, transforming the Project Space into a temporal space embodying ideas of change, arts education, and the past, present, and future of Milton Keynes and MK Gallery.

The framework for Pavilion of Change includes a rotating display by the artists which will change throughout the duration of the exhibition, a series of new commissions by Associate Artists at MK Gallery, and participatory art works created by children and families over a series of Saturday Studio sessions to shape the space.. Each day will provide something new, unexpected and exciting for visitors.

The artists have also commissioned a new text by Chris Hayes to accompany Pavilion of Change which can be read here.

29 November - 29 December 2018

With thanks to:

Victoria Mayes, Jonny Hill, Tara Page, Simon Wright, Niki Braithwaite, Aimee Holmes, Hywel Jones, Lee Farmer, Amy Leung, Carlos Cortes, Alice Boland-Rhodes, Teresa Paiva, Chris Hayes, House (Work) Press, The Graphical Tree, Nisha Desai, Thibaut Vandame, Alex Rose, Julia Roach and Dawn Law.