Tools is an ongoing series of industrial objects wrapped with printed Lycra. Appropriating everyday objects such as hammers, chisels and saws, commonly used for handiwork, which are selected for their traditional associations with masculinity, the objects are wrapped in printed Lycra, sourced from women’s athletic clothing.

The sculptures act as a visual pun regarding the objectification of the male body; how men might refer to their genitalia as a tool and how people might be described by others as tools when they lack confidence or strength. In this way, the sculptures are multifaceted and complex, contrasting hardness and softness, masculinity and femininity, challenging conventional ideas of beauty and representation. 

The series of sculptures were presented as part of the artists first collaboration at fig.2,  held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Subsequently, the Tools were reconfigured in the group exhibition MK Calling 17 at MK Gallery, Milton Keynes which opened on the 20th April 2017. This was the final exhibition to take place in MK Gallery before they undergo a major refurbishment and expansion.

Installation shots of Tools as part of MK Calling 17